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 Workshop Offerings

Ancient Egyptian Archaeology

Step back in time as you become an Archeologist and explore Ancient Egypt! Excavate a mummy from a pyramid and keep the treasures inside. Learn about the importance of ancient Egyptian culture, create your own Ankh, make a paper pyramid to store artifacts, and explore fossils, artifacts, and art. Dig into the fun of exploring Ancient Egypt!

Arcade Electronics & Game-atorium

Do you like to play board and video games? How about working with electronics, cards, and dice to create and play your own games? Then this workshop is for you! Work together with electronics kits to build fun arcade games. Program a spinning light to display different sayings, learn to program the circuit board to test your memory, play games, and make different funky sounds. Play group games, card games, board games, and even make up your own to play. Come join the Game-atorium for some arcade fun!


This workshop is all about building! Learn the basics of the Engineering Design Process by using your very own  building kit to keep at the end of the week. Use our build kits to create new constructions every day - and then  knock them down at the end! Learn to use basic tools safely to construct using cardboard and other materials to  invent and make your own designs. Come build up some fun! 

Chemistry Creations

Become a chemist and a creator as you discover hands-on science fun! You will explore the worlds of Chemistry and Science while creating fun things to take home. Learn about matter, chemicals, and reactions; watch demonstrations and create your own experiments; and use the Scientific Method to make some science fun! Take home your chemistry creations daily and wrap up the workshop by making ice cream using science. 

Creative Engineering: Imagination & Exploration

Ready to use your imagination to design, build, and play? Join us and become a Creative Engineer! Work with a 3-D construction kit that is yours to keep at the end of the week! Design and build simple or complex models of vehicles, robots,creatures, and buildings. Use our Build Kits to create as YOU want to and experiment with motorizing your creations.. Build the fun into your creations either from directions or your own imagination. 

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

A crime has been committed - will you be the Science Sleuth to solve it? Have fun learning about forensics, observation, and crime lab chemistry while you perform different experiments that  demonstrate how tricky cases are solved! Search for evidence, gather clues, and discover how you can use science to solve a mystery. Each Science Sleuth will dust for fingerprints, analyze handwriting, test for blood type using  simulated blood, examine hair and clothing fibers, practice chemistry to identify mystery substances, and much  more. Then, use your skills to have fun solving the crimes of the century! 

Dino Dig Fossil Hunt 

Explore ideas and methods of Archeology, Paleontology, and Geology and excavate the simulated bones of a model dinosaur! Assemble the fossil from your own “dig” to complete a 3-dimensional model of a dinosaur to take  home. Investigate geologic time and fossil charts to compare living things then and now, and identify 20-million-year-old shark teeth and other fossils. See, hold, and identify items from our rock and mineral collections, and design your very own dinosaurs based on what we observe from our exploratio

Electrifying Fun! 

We offer several “customizable” workshops to reach a broad range of ages and interests. If you are interested in reviewing our complete Robotics or Electronics workshops, please contact us for our most recent list.

Giant Hydraulic Cyborg Hand 

Learn about engineering, robotics, and the power of water and pressure by building your own working giant  hydraulic cyborg hand. Each day builds on the prior day's work, using the Engineering Design Process to create a wearable hydraulic hand and become a temporary cyborg! 

Robotics & Electronics 

We offer several “customizable” workshops to reach a broad range of ages and interests. If you are interested in reviewing our complete Robotics or Electronics workshops, please contact us for our most recent list.

Rube Goldberg Machines 

A Rube Goldberg Machine is a series of chain reactions that make a simple task difficult and often humorous. This  workshop presents six simple machines: lever, wedge, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, and screw. Using  these simple machines, children design and build a working Rube Goldberg Machine to complete a simple task in  the most complicated and silly way possible. 


Get ready to get slimy with this super slime-tastic chemistry workshop! Make a new slime every day, do experiments to create polymers and other materials, and have a blast with chemical reactions. Come join the messy, slimy side of science fun!

13-in-1 Solar Robot

In this workshop we explore the basics of robotics, electricity, and solar energy using your very own 13-in-1 solar robot kit to take home at the end of the week. Learn how to build a gear, use a basic motor, and create robots with  different forms and functions. Use our free build and robotics kits to create your own designs. Come join us for  some robot fun! 

Space Robot: Mission To Mars

Let imagination take flight with this innovative, solar-powered workshop that explores Mars, our Solar System, and space travel! Mission Specialists use their very own Solar Space Fleet kit to create six different moving models that use three different interchangeable energy sources: solar energy, rechargeable battery, or battery pack. View 3-D images of the surface of Mars, make your own Rover, and fly a demo of the Ingenuity helicopter! The Space Fleet kit goes home with you at the end - time to blast off for fun!

Up, Up, & Away! 

This workshop explores things that are used to move through the air, like airplanes, bridges, rockets, and helicopters. Become an Engineer and build your own rubber band-powered model airplane, solar powered helicopters, and paper rockets, watch them soar, and take them home! Design and build your own bridge for a bridge-building contest! Learn about the Engineering Design Process and how to use it with simple engineering skills about aviation and building, then use your skills to experiment with our really cool building kits, and flying drones. It's time to fly away with fun! 

Volcano Tour

Enjoy an explosively fun exploration of geology, physics and chemistry as you become a Junior Volcanologist! Build your own working volcano to keep, see examples of huge volcanic eruptions, learn about, sort, and keep minerals and fossils and recreate the forces and chemistry at work in the fascinating world of volcanos.

Wonderful Wizardry of Science 

Join in the escapades of Harry and your favorite magical characters while discovering the magic of science in this fun, chemistry-based workshop. Make edible wands, brew fantastic potions, and create amazingly “magical” chemical reactions! We will watch a mirage mysteriously appear, experiment with color and light, and see who knows the most “fun facts” about Harry and his pals. Where will the sorting hat place you? Come and find out! This workshop is perfect for anyone who loves books and movies like the Harry Potter series. 

*Customizable Workshops*

We can modify any workshop to fit shorter or longer durations, to meet the needs of older or younger groups, and modify workshops to align with and support specific in-school activities. Give us a call or drop us an email with your needs and we will see what we can do for you.

Coming Soon: Investigating Color & Light

Using Art to explore Physics, Chemistry, and Design.

Coming Soon: The Great Science Bake Off

Exploring the Chemistry, mathematics, physics, and art of baking.

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